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Buyers advocacy

Learn about buyers advocacy and how it can help you save time, money and stress. Buying a house is stressful - but it doesn't have to be.

Positive Income

If you own a 1,2 or 3 bedroom apartment, we can double your income. Your property needs to be close to amenities within a 5km radius of Melbourne.

Buyers Agents

Our buyers agents can help you find your dream home or investment at a reasonable price.

Property Styling

We can complete a minor makeover, a renovation & style your property. This is to optimise your selling price & rental return.

Vendor Advocacy

Our Vendor Advocacy saves you time, pressure and stress out of selling your home

Who we are

What is a buyers agent?

Buyer’s agents (or advocates) appeared on the Australian real estate scene less than ten years ago. 76% of all property purchased in the USA is purchased by a buyer’s agent. More and more consumers are enlisting the services of a buyer’s agent to help them find and purchase their dream home or investment property.

Individuals selling a property use the services of a selling agent as they do not have the expertise, so why do individuals believe they have the expertise
to buy a property?

When selling you want the highest price with the best possible terms, so you employ a real estate
selling agent... However, when buying you want the lowest price and the best possible terms in your favour. So the intelligent home buyer and investor uses a real estate buyer’s agent…it just makes good sense.

Selling agents are ethically unable to effectively help you buy at the lowest price with the best terms, as they are obligated to work for the vendor (not you), because the vendor is the one
paying them.

Buyer’s agents are retained by you, the purchaser, and that’s who we work for – you... By using APB you, can have the upper hand and save time, money and stress in your next real estate purchase. Having the agent search for the ideal property keeps many buyers’ weekends free from scouring through newspapers, meeting with agents and attending inspections.

Buyer’s agents generally offer two types of services. The full service sees them search out
properties meeting their clients’ criteria and also negotiate the purchase of the property ultimately chosen, whether by private sale, set sale or auction. Buyers may also engage buyer’s agents purely to bid for them at an auction or negotiate for a house they have found for themselves.

Buyer’s agents implicitly understand the bidding process and bring to auctions the confidence, emotional detachment and tactics necessary for a successful bid.

Buyer’s agents charge an engagement fee before they begin the search for a property. Once a
property is purchased and the contract of sale becomes unconditional, the total service fee less the engagement fee is payable.

Vendor Advocacy

Vendor advocacy, also referred to as Vendor Representation, is a service where specialists represent and assist home sellers during the property sale process.

The main objectives of vendor advocates are:

Advice and Support

Providing sellers with advice and support during the sale of their properties.

Protecting Buyers Interests

Protecting Buyers Interests – Ensuring that the right property is bought for the right price. Remember the selling agent is working for the vendor to achieve the best possible price.

Protecting the buyers budget

Ensuring the clients haven’t wasted their time and money bidding at auction/negotiating and the property was sold for far in excess of their budget. Knowledge is key.


Vendor’s Agent

A Vendor Advocate takes the time, stress and pressure out of selling your home by bringing you focused experience and expertise in all aspects of your …

Meet Karin

Recognised for professional excellence, customer service and product knowledge in the Melbourne property market, the team at Australian Property Buyers will work with you to understand your specific property requirements and save you time and money with your property transactions. Want to know more about what our team can do for you? Find out here!

Karin Mackay

Managing Director

After working for 25 years at a senior executive level, Karin Mackay entered the real estate sector with a desire to make the process of purchasing property simple for everyone. Getting her first taste of property investment at the age of 20, Karin has made her passion for property investment her career.


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