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About Us

Learn about Australian property Buyers and how we can help you secure your dream home.

Positive Income

If you own a 1,2 or 3 bedroom apartment, we can double your income. Your property needs to be close to amenities within a 5km radius of Melbourne.

Buyers Agents

Our buyers agents can help you find your dream home or investment at a reasonable price.

Property Styling

We can complete a minor makeover, a renovation & style your property. This is to optimise your selling price & rental return.

Vendor Advocacy

Our Vendor Advocacy saves you time, pressure and stress out of selling your home

Who we are

About Us

APB are experienced Licensed Buying Estate Agents, who act exclusively and confidentially for the buyer.
We are independent, professional specialists who do not sell real estate ensuring no conflict of interest for the buyer.

Under the Real Estate Agents Act we must be licensed Real Estate Agents to conduct ourselves as Buyer’s Agents.
We are passionate and dedicated to achieving the best result for you – the buyer. Our expert advice in all aspects of property buying will assist you in achieving your financial goals.

We assess, locate, evaluate and negotiate any type of property. It could be a passive or
aggressive residential or investment property, the home of your dreams, off the plan, a renovator or detonator delight, or even a house and land package.

We cover the TOTAL property market to achieve premium results in all property transactions. Our clients’ property experience is positive, stress free and rewarding.

APB offer independent, objective and unemotional property advice ‘exclusively for buyers’.

At APB we believe in giving ‘unbeatable service for successful results’.

• APB will act in a confidential and anonymous manner, ensuring your peace of mind.

• APB can save you valuable time and money, evaluating, locating, assessing and negotiating

a purchase, to achieve your critical goals.
• We will assist you to define an achievable brief in conjunction with the current market conditions.

• APB will assess the approximate market value of the selected property and negotiate the best
purchase price and terms. This will reduce your worry, stress and frustration. Let us do it all
for you!

• APB has extensive knowledge, experience and resources to research the ‘total’ market,
helping you to avoid costly mistakes.

• APB provide an ongoing partnership that truly has your best interests at heart.


Buyer’s Agent

When someone is selling a piece of property in or around the Melbourne area, they often want to do whatever they can to help make sure they have made the right decision. We help you make an informed decision, and to negotiate all aspects of the buying process so you can make the best purchase for your budget.

Vendor Advocacy

Vendor advocacy, also referred to as Vendor Representation, is a service where specialists represent and assist home sellers during the property sale process.
The main objectives of vendor advocates are:

Advice and Support

Providing sellers with advice and support during the sale of their properties.

Protecting buyers interests

Ensuring that the right property is bought for the right price. Remember the selling agent is working for the vendor to achieve the best possible price.

Protecting the buyers budget

Ensuring the clients haven’t wasted their time and money bidding at auction/negotiating and the property was sold for far in excess of their budget. Knowledge is key.


Investment Agent

We love helping people buy properties within 5km of the CBD that return a positive ROI.

Meet Karin

Recognised for professional excellence, customer service and product knowledge in the Melbourne property market, the team at Australian Property Buyers will work with you to understand your specific property requirements and save you time and money with your property transactions. Want to know more about what our team can do for you? Find out here!

Karin Mackay

Managing Director

After working for 25 years at a senior executive level, Karin Mackay entered the real estate sector with a desire to make the process of purchasing property simple for everyone. Getting her first taste of property investment at the age of 20, Karin has made her passion for property investment her career.


Frequently Asked Questions

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