Property Makeovers

Property Styling is about preparing your home for sale, lease or short stays where it will sell faster, lease faster, for the best possible price.

When selling, renting or converting your house to Short Stays, you only get one chance to make a first impression when selling or leasing or booking your property. We can help you make the perfect impression when going to market. Karin’s eye for detail will focus on creating a desirable property that inspires potential buyers, tenants or guest to just love your property.

Karin brings in her property stylist team to makeover your property. It can be washing down the exterior of the property, painting the front door and fence, creating a desirable front garden as first impressions count. Most purchasers make up their minds at the front door. We can re-new kitchens, bathrooms, floor coverings, light fittings, window furnishing or just a coat of paint. Karin and her experienced property styling team will beautifully decorate your home to increase its appeal to prospective buyers and guests and in turn generate a successful result and guests will keep returning. For landlords a makeover will increase your rental return.

Our Property Styling Services

Karin creates and perfects your listing, highlighting the uniquely wonderful parts of your property and neighbourhood. She will introduce you to a reliable company who will market your property across multiple platforms; respond to all guest communications; clean and prepare your place so it looks its best each and every time; leave thoughtful touches your guests will love; manage key handovers; address maintenance issues; and write reviews. Karin does it all, and she does it well.

Listing optimisation

Even the most amazing property in the world wouldn’t reach its booking potential without the right listing. That’s why Karin takes the time to get to know your place and use your listing to highlight the uniquely wonderful parts of your property and neighbourhood. Karin’s team of industry professionals is there to enhance your listing with the insider know-how on marketing optimisation.

Karin’s goal is for your short term accommodation to be long term accommodation.

Personalised Service

We work closely with you to customise the perfect makeover/property styling package to suit your needs.

By understanding what your buyer/tenant will be looking for, we will create a property that appeals to everyone. If selling or creating a short stay, with the right blend of furnishings to suit the architecture and demographic of your property you will be successful. We will create and present your home, showcasing the best features and its lifestyle appeal, thus creating the all-important emotional connection with your buyers, tenants and guests.

Get a Positive Income

• Would you like to increase your rental income?
• Have you a limited budget that won’t buy you an investment that has a land component in it? (Land appreciates and dwellings depreciate)
• Did you buy a property off the plan that hasn’t increased in value nor gives you a positive income?

Karin knows how to increase your income for the investment property you have that hasn’t enjoyed a great return and may have not grown in value. Karin would love to make your investment property successful with a positive income.

Easily Increase Sale Price

Whether you are getting ready to sell your property or want to renovate the home you are living in, upgrade your investment property, we know that just a few cosmetic renovations can dramatically improve the sales and leasing result and how you feel about your property.

APB provides renovation coordination services to support and assist property investors and home owners. We do not invoice you for any work or purchases. We pass on all the cost savings to you the client.

Karin has the experience and local knowledge to help guide clients through the sales process, add value to their real estate/property and achieve a premium sale or leased price.

Get The Best Result

Karin knows how to transform a property from a boring low rental into a luxurious 5star property which will give you a positive income. Karin’s interior design skills are shown off to their fullest when she's decorating with a makeover. As well as stylish furniture and accessories, the cushion and throw combo’s she has lovingly chosen, the colour schemes that will delight prospective guests who looking for 5star accommodation.

If you have an apartment that is no more than 5kms from the CBD and including the CBD, has cafes, restaurants, shopping and public transport at the front door, she can increase the value and/or income dramatically for you.

Karin knows all about hosting short-term rentals, because that’s what she does. In fact, Karin will introduce you to a company that can manage the whole process, turning your hosting experience into a thing of wondrous ease.

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The Whole Package

The best thing is that Karin provides the whole package. Her ability to do everything from painting, change of floor coverings etc., to buying all the furniture down to the potato peeler, washing the linen, making the beds and getting it onto the internet waiting for the first booking.

Save Time & Lower Stress

Karin makes it all possible. She takes the time and stress out of the equation and increase your income exponentially. She will ensure you will be in the position of being able to cover all the cost of your investment property and providing extra income to pay off the mortgage.

Peace Of Mind

Karin provides total peace of mind. Karin takes care of the whole process end to end and you know you will get the same quality of service each and every time. You can also be particular in what you request for your property, which give you the sense that Karin knows and cares about your property.

Here are some examples

Port Melbourne – 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom. Standard lease $650 per week. After property styling $1400 per week

Bowen Qld – 3 bedrooms + 1 bathroom Pre short stays rented $10,500 p.a. Renovated and styled $40,000 pa

Abbotsford – $1050 pw – small 2 bed + 1 bath

Abbotsford – Large 2 bed 2 bath $1295 per week

Abbotsford – $840 pw large 1 bedroom

Abbotsford – 3 bed, 2 bath. Standard rent $680 per week now $1890 per week

Melbourne – 1 bed & 1 bath $1200 per week

South Melbourne – Small 2 bed + 1 bathroom – standard lease was $15,000 pa now $40,000pa.

South Melbourne – Small 2 bed + 2 bath – standard lease was $15,000 pa now $40,000pa.

Port Melbourne – Large open plan 2 bed & 1 bath – $1225 pw

Richmond – 1 bed & 1 bath $840pw

Port Melbourne – 1 bed & 1 bath $840pw

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything: the whole kit and caboodle. She does everything except pay for it, move in and use an Allen key. Our homestaging and property styling services are made to make things as easy as possible for you.


Styling the Short – Term Property – Owner provides a credit card with an agreed amount for Karin to complete the set up.

• Purchase of all the appliances, furniture and homewares. All discounts are passed on
• Co-ordinate and acceptance of all the furniture deliveries
• Wash linen to make beds
• Style apartment including the hanging of art work
• Take photos and then book professional photographer

Very little and that’s the positive side of it. Our property stylists will require you to organise the wifi for the apartment and connect the utilities.

Absolutely! Karin and her team of property stylists are a great solution for landlords of all experience, from those just starting out to seasoned professionals.

This depends on your property. Someone who rents out a 3-bedroom investment property year-round, will obviously make more than someone who only rents their studio. The good news is that after our first meeting, Karin will be able to give you a very clear indication of what your place will earn. Generally:
• 1 bedroom earns $840 per week plus the guest pays for the cleaning
• 2 bedroom & 1 bath earns $910 per week plus the guest pays for the cleaning
• 2 bedroom & 2 bathroom earns $1,200 per week plus the guest pays for the cleaning

Karin’s property styling costs vary between $3000 – $4000 plus GST.

Property Management of the property
• 15% + GST
• Yearly Statement Fee $100+ GST
• Airbnb fee approximately 3%. This varies from web site to web site. The website costs which are charged by Airbnb, Expedia, Stayz etc. is factored into the nightly price

Nothing in life is risk free! Renting in all types of facets is no exception. This said, there are a number of processes in place to minimise these risks so that the worst you will suffer should be the odd broken tea cup. The risk management process starts with having 7 night minimum bookings. This rids you of any riff raff. guest screening services, which weed out any undesirable visitors, as well as those that don’t fit your individual criteria. Your property is also checked between guests so if something is damaged or missing, it will be known.


It is also suggested that you set up your property with Terri Scheer Short Stay landlord’s insurance – insurance designed specifically for short term rental properties. Karin will go through all of this in your first meeting to ensure that you feel safe and secure when it comes to renting out your place. Airbnb and the other companies have insurance to cover you for poor guests, breakages etc.

Get in touch with Karin for a quote or consultation on 0419 510 304 or at Karin can then chat to you about your property, answer any questions and set up a time to inspect the property with or without you.

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