Your Time Is Valuable – Use a Buyer’s Advocate

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Your time is valuable. Let a leading buyer’s agent in Melbourne look for your next property.

Do you know what your time is really worth?

If your time was worth $25 per hour, would you wait in line for 30 minutes to get a $10 gift card? Probably not.

With research conducted by UBank revealing that the search for property is taking more than six months on average for Australians – it’s time to ask yourself; “should the search for my next property be done by a professional?”

UBank’s research revealed that:

  • 36% of SA residents spend over 6 months looking at properties; with 9% of them spending over two years looking at properties;
  • 14% of VIC residents spend 7-12 months looking at properties before purchasing; and
  • 33% of Queenslanders spend 4-6 months on their property search.

The study concluded that searching for a property could take 12.4 days in travel to view potential properties. That’s a massive 300 hours in travel just to and from inspections!

When your time is valuable, the costs add up quickly.
When the wanderlust of find the perfect property fades, the hours wasted in the search for the perfect property becomes very apparent.

  • Finding the right property.

Just searching for a property online can take hours of your valuable time. Add meetings with real estate agents in your target areas, reviewing the proximity of amenities and services, and conducting market value research, and you’ll soon see those hours turn into weeks.

  • Attending inspections

With inspections taking between 15 and 30 mins, the time spent on property inspections can quickly add up. Add, planning your inspection route, the transit time to and from each property (and the inevitable petrol costs), and you’re soon losing entire days of your weekend to the task.

  • The negotiations

If you’ve done all your homework you’re now ready to negotiate the purchase. But auctions and private sales require very different purchasing strategies. Timing and tactics are everything to the success of a purchase – and if your time is limited, or your negotiating skills are lacking, it could cost you.

Using a buyer’s agent doesn’t just save you time, it saves you money.

Making astute property investments requires knowledge, market insight, a clear strategy and solid negotiating skills. A buyer’s agent brings all these in spades, it is after all, what they know, inside out and back to front. In today’s market, a decision to purchase a property and a deposit is simply not enough.

A St George Bank survey revealed that 62% of homebuyers did not have a strategy in place when attending an auction. Not so bad you think? Wrong. A property strategy is about more than just the purchase. It also includes an exit strategy for how saleable the property will be in the short, medium and long term.

So if your time is valuable, spend it on your dream property and get the job of purchasing it done right. A buyer’s agent does all the searching, inspecting and negotiating for you. All you need to do is pay for it and move in.

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