Why You Need a Buyer’s Advocate?

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Beat Underquoting With a Buyer’s Agent!

Are you feeling despondent about purchasing a home or investment property? Are you tired of walking a well-beaten path to auctions that go well beyond their quoted price?

You’re not alone.

A recent Consumer Affairs Victoria survey into real estate underquoting revealed that a quarter of properties sold went for between 10-20% above their advertised estimated price.*

After reviewing 200 Victorian properties from first listing to sale over a 12-month period, ‘Taskforce Vesta’ discovered that 63% sold for above the estimated price. The review revealed that around 30% of those properties sold for between 0.1 and 10% above the estimated price; 26% sold for between 10.1-19.9% above the estimated price; and 7% sold for 20% or more above the estimated price.*

So it is simply no surprise that underquoting has emerged as the most significant – and emotive issue for Victorian homebuyers.

You can avoid underquoting.

Despite Consumer Affairs Victoria’s efforts to level the playing field for Victorian homebuyers, there is still much to be done in the residential home advertising and sales process. The enticing (but often illusory and fictitious) marketing efforts of many agents leaves a lot of room for error. But a Buyer’s Agent can help you avoid the pitfalls.

Experts in the residential property market, a Buyer’s Agent can offer objective, impartial and independent advice on home values. Values not based on glossy advertising, but on demand, location, schools, amenities and other market factors.

In essence, that means regardless of the selling agent’s quoted price, we understand the “actual” market value of the property. That independent expertise, alongside all the other benefits of engaging a Buyer’s Agent, puts you in the drivers seat to make informed, realistic decisions.

10 Great Reasons to Use a Buyer’s Agent:

  1. We act confidentially on YOUR behalf – not the sellers – to purchase property
  2. We save YOU time, money and stress by doing all the leg work
  3. We advocate for YOUR specific needs – taking emotion out of the property purchase transaction
  4. We listen to YOUR needs and adopt a plain-speaking approach
  5. We provide YOU with with property choices targeted at YOUR needs and budget
  6. We access “off-market” properties and silent listings for YOU
  7. Provide YOU with extensive property and area knowledge
  8. We attend property inspections on YOUR behalf
  9. We adopt a strategic approach to the purchase to maximise YOUR chances of securing a property
  10. We advocate for YOU in all negotiations and complete the paperwork necessary for the property purchase


Working with local, interstate and international clients, we can help you to purchase a new home, upgrade the family home, or invest in residential property.

Retained by YOU, we act exclusively for YOU. We don’t accept commissions from real estate agents, property developers or any other party to ‘push’ the sale of properties. We act on YOUR behalf at all times, following directions defined by YOU.

To find out how we can help you realise your property dreams, contact us today on +61 3 9645 3418.

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