Every investor is looking for cash flow positive properties. But the reality is, these types of properties are increasingly few and far between. Generally, if you can find them, they’re out in the middle of nowhere, with little to no capital growth.

In the most general terms, an investment property should become neutrally geared within the first few years. To do this you need to increase the rent on your property regularly. Of course, a lot of landlords don’t do this for fear of alienating great tenants and having to re let the property year after year.

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There are scores of professionals at the ready to advise investors to purchase an apartment off-the-plan. Whether it’s for a SMSF, or just as a general investment, it’s important to realise that there are often only two people making money from off-the-plan apartment sales – the developer, and the person recommending that you purchase the property.

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While a Buyers Agent can make it look easy, buying a property can be hard work. And depending on your target property, what often starts as the prospect of a bright new future, can quickly turn into a despondent grind to a seemingly distant finish line.

It’s at this point that the ‘budget’ often gives way to emotions and in desperation, many end up paying much more for a property than they should.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Armed with the right information, support and advice, you can be sure to pay just what is needed to secure your property goals.

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With investors absorbing the changes that APRA has made to lending, there’s never been a better time to dive back into the property market with the help of a buyers advocate.

But with overseas investors becoming a convenient target, and hot media issue for driving capital growth – it’s important to look back, as well as forward before we point the finger of fear and blame. History would tell us with some certainty that property growth has been driven by supply and demand. Put simply, where there is scarcity, the price of property will be driven upwards.

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With 2016 now well and truly upon us, lots of people are re-assessing their investment strategies and property goals for 2016.

With a rise in “Rentvesting”, or renting while you buy an investment property, could this smart investment strategy be for you? While it’s been a popular way for young and first home buyers to enter the property market, it may also be an effective way to live in some of Melbourne’s most sought after suburbs and make money while you do.

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Property Management is integral to our business and we take pride in caring for the properties of locals and overseas investors.

Experts in the marketing of rental properties and in attracting and securing quality tenants in timeframes that meet your requirements, we think we are the best residential property managers in Melbourne! It’s a confidence you can bank on with our 43 Service Standard Promises – Property Management Guarantee.

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