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Highly Experienced Buyer's Agent

Recognised as a buyer's agent who has achieved professional excellence, customer service and product knowledge in the Melbourne property market, we at Australian Property Buyers will work you to understand your specific property requirements to save you time and money with your property transactions. We provide you with a short list of properties, knowledge, information to make an educated decision on price and how you can optimise the property to achieve the best possible rent if it's an investment property.

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Highly Experienced Vendor's Advocate

Recognised as a Vendor's Advocate who achieves excellent results, we appraise your property as is and then will come back to you with ideas and how to optimise the property to achieve a great result. We work with you from the start, co-ordinating any makeover, styling, finding the right selling agent with the very best marketing strategy. You can't sell a secret.

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Highly Experienced Stylist & Renovator

Recognised as a fabulous stylist we can transform your property to have the WOW factor. This will optimise the rental return and optimise the selling price. With our reliable and excellent work men, we can paint, knock out walls, re-do kitchens and bathrooms, update the flooring, light fittings, convert the garage into a master bedroom and ensuite. All increasing the value.

Karin Mackay

Managing Director

Karin Mackay

Karin is a fully Licensed Estate Agent. She has been buying and selling property for 40+ years. Twenty years ago Karin started Australian Property Buyers. Initially as a Buyer's Agent, then added Property Management, expanded to Vendor Advocacy. Karin has an extremely good eye for how you can renovate for profit. When buying for clients she is always looking at the options of how the client can improve the capital growth and rent return even if it is home or investment. Karin inspects hundreds of properties a year. This gives her a great deal of knowledge of what the market is looking for. This really assists her when acting as a Vendor's Advocate and achieving the best possible results. Karin knows and understands what each demographic is looking for in a property.

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