Vendor Advocacy

A Vendor Advocate takes the time, stress and pressure out of selling your home by bringing you focused experience and expertise in all aspects of your property transaction.

Vendor Advocacy Explained

Watch the short video below to find out how we can help you with selling your property and maximising your sale price.

A Vendor Advocate then works alongside your nominated real estate agent during the sales campaign for your property, ensuring that the marketing and advertising are right, the costs are transparent and under control, and that the nominated buyer’s agent delivers on their commitments to you.

Finally, the Vendor Advocate reviews all the offers made on your property and completes any negotiations required to achieve a private sale. If you choose to sell by Auction, a Vendor Advocate will be there at your side, ensuring that you can make clear and assertive decisions to achieve your sale objectives.

Vendor Advocacy Services in Melbourne

When engaging Australian Property Buyers as your vendor agent, we will:

  • Give you the truth about your property
  • Establish a selling strategy that gets results
  • Achieve success with difficult to sell properties
  • Assist you to understand the value of your property
  • Guide you on the best selling method for your property
  • Assist you to maximise the selling price of your property
  • Interview agents on your behalf
  • Negotiate with real estate agents on your behalf
  • Work in partnership with Trustees and Executors
  • Eliminate the time, pressure and stress of the selling process

Australian Property Buyers acts for property sellers, to appoint an appropriate real estate agent, on your behalf. This ensures at all times that the selling agents do what they say they will do, charge a fair and reasonable fee for their services, act impartially when introducing buyers and market and promote your property professionally and effectively.

Retained by you, we act exclusively for you. We don’t accept commissions from real estate agents, property developers or any other party. We act on your behalf at all times, following your directions as defined by your brief.

Vendor Advocate Melbourne

What is a Vendor Advocate?

A Vendor Advocate is someone who can arrange for an independent valuation of your property, interview the best real estate agents for your property on your behalf, review real estate agent’s submissions to determine price, commission and marketing strategy and assist you in making the right decision on which real estate agent is best for you.

Vendor Advocate Process

As the property seller, you retain control of the process at all times, everything is done on your terms by our dedicated and professional team.

Vendor Advocate

Our Advocates are experienced advisers who will guide you objectively, to ensure that your instructions are carried out at all times.

We are confident that the benefits and savings gained from the services of our team far outweigh the cost of any fees we charge.

We understand that everyone’s needs are different and so are our fees. Our fees are negotiable and dependent on the type of service you require.

Contact us today and experience the Australian Property Buyers difference.