Residential Tenancy Application Declaration

A) I acknowledge that this is an application to lease this property and that my application is subject to the owner’s approval and the availability of the premises on the due date. I hereby offer to rent the property from the owner under a lease to be prepared by the Buyer’s Agent pursuant to the Residential Tenancies Act 1997.

I acknowledge that I will be required to pay rental in advance and a rental bond, and that this application is subject to approval from the owner/landlord. I declare that all information contained in this application is true and correct and given of my own free will.

I declare that I have inspected the premises and am not bankrupt.

I authorise the Agent to obtain details of my credit worthiness from, the owner or Agent of my current or previous residence, my personal referees, any record, listing and National Tenancy Database (NTD) which lists defaults by tenants. If I default under a rental agreement, the Agent may disclose details of any such default to any person whom the Agent reasonably considers has an interest receiving such information including National Tenancy Database (NTD).

If a landlord or estate agent finds details of a prospective tenant on a database, they must advise the tenant in writing, within seven days, of:

  • the name of the database and the person who listed theinformation
  • the tenant’s information held in the database
  • how the tenant can check, change or remove the listing (ie, by contacting the person who listed them or the database operator).

B) If section 6 is complete please note that the following terms will apply if you ask us to contact you. Firstly you will be consenting to connectnow Pty.Ltd. A.B.N. 79 097 398 662 arranging for the connection and disconnection of the nominated home services and to providing information contained in this application to the service providers for this purpose.

I agree that neither connectnow nor the Agent accepts liability for loss caused by delay in, or failure to connect/disconnect or provide the nominated services. The service will be activated according to the applicable regulations, service provider time frames and terms and conditions once the client has agreed to use the chosen service provider.

I authorise the obtaining of a National Metering Identifier (N.M.I.) on my residential address to obtain supply details.

I acknowledge that the terms and conditions of the service provider bind me and that after hours connections may incur additional service fees from service providers.

I acknowledge that connectnow Pty Ltd will be paid a fee by the service provider and will be paying a fee to the Agent in respect of the provision of the service being provided to me by connectnow Pty Ltd.