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When someone is selling a piece of property in or around the Melbourne area, they often want to do whatever they can to help make sure they have access to the absolute best buyers in the market. This goes a long way towards helping to make the experience as satisfying as it can be, but also to get the best price for the investment they’ve already worked so hard to build. Sellers will often use a “selling” or real estate agent for this very purpose.

On the opposite side of the fence is the buyer’s agent Melbourne property buyers often engage, who essentially performs the same basic service on behalf of a Melbourne home buyer.

Buyer's Agents Melbourne - Buyer's Agents

What is a Buyer’s Agent?!

A buyer’s agent is a licensed property experts who works exclusively for a buyer to not only provide them direct access with the best properties in the area, but who also strive tirelessly to secure an ideal property purchase at the best price.

Our team will do the:

SearchingIncluding properties that are not publicly listed
Negotiating: Utilising years of experience and knowledge
Paperwork: All the administrative requirements of your property transaction

We will:
  • Act on your behalf to purchase property for you
  • Save you time, money and stress
  • Take the emotion out of property transactions
  • Listen to your needs and adopt a plain-speaking approach
  • Provide you with property choices targeted to your needs and budget
  • Access “off-market” properties and silent listings
  • Provide you with extensive property and area knowledge
  • Attend property inspections
  • Adopt a strategic approach to your purchase
  • Specialise in negotiating and purchasing property
  • Ensure your confidentiality
  • Complete the paperwork for your property purchase
Why Do I Need a Buyer’s Agent?

Australian Property Buyers act on the behalf of buyers seeking to purchase a property. Offering objective, impartial and independent advice, we advocate for the buyer’s needs in the purchase of property meeting their specifications.

10 Great Reasons to Use Australian Property Buyers

We will:

  1. Ensure confidentiality and act as an agent on the buyer’s behalf to purchase property
  2. Save the buyer time, money and stress by doing all the leg work
  3. Advocate for the buyer’s specific needs – taking emotion out of the property transaction
  4. Listen to the buyer’s needs and adopt a plain-speaking approach
  5. Provide the buyer with property choices targeted at their needs and budget
  6. Access “off-market” properties and silent listings for the buyer
  7. Provide the buyer with extensive property and area knowledge
  8. Attend property inspections on behalf of the buyer
  9. Adopt a strategic approach to the purchase to maximise the buyer’s chances of securing the property
  10. Advocate in all negotiations and complete the paperwork necessary for the property purchase
The Process

In the Melbourne area, our process always begins with a free consultation. This puts us in a much better position to not only establish your needs and figure out how we can help, but also come up with an actionable, customised plan for the property purchase process that will help accomplish your goals and not anybody else’s.

The Buyer's Agent Process

We will always act with a buyer’s best financial interests in mind, taking the normally lengthy parts of the process like searching for a property, negotiating the sale, and filling out all of the required paperwork and distilling it down into a much more straightforward, pleasant experience. When working with a us, all the homeowner has to do is pay for the property and move in – we will take care of the rest!

Contact us today and experience the Australian Property Buyers difference.

Overseas Investors

Are you interested in making a property investment in Australia?

No matter where you live, Australian Property Buyers can help you secure a slice of Australia’s property market.

With our comprehensive knowledge of the real estate market, access to unlisted properties and expert negotiation skills, we can source and secure a property to meet your lifestyle or investment needs.

We will:
  • Research and evaluate; market value, capital growth, rental return and vacancy rates in your preferred suburbs.
  • Search for properties meeting your specifications.
  • Provide comprehensive visual detail of select properties (i.e. digital photos of the property, street and suburb).
  • Negotiate the purchase of your chosen property.
  • Provide information on local transport, schools and any other facilities required by you.
  • Assist in arranging finance, conveyancing, building and pest inspections as required.
  • Assist in appointing the right Property Manager for your property and work with them to find you the right tenant at the right rental return.
  • Have access to translators where required to facilitate your working relationship with us.

Please note that the Australian Government, through the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB), regulates the sale of Australian property to foreign nationals and corporations. Australian Property Buyers can assist you to identify the right property for you as well as assist with your application to the Foreign Investment Review Board.

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