Avoid the Pitfalls of Buying Off the Plan with a Buyers Agent

Whilst there can be HUGE savings in stamp duty when buying off the plan, there can also be pitfalls. A Buyers Agent can help you navigate the off-the-plan waters to maximise your savings and returns. There are scores of professionals at the ready to advise investors to purchase an apartment off-the-plan. Whether it’s for a SMSF, or just as a … [Read more...]

There has Never been a Better Time to Use a Buyers Advocate

With investors absorbing the changes that APRA has made to lending, there’s never been a better time to dive back into the property market with the help of a Buyers Advocate. But with overseas investors becoming a convenient target, and hot media issue for driving capital growth – it’s important to look back, as well as forward before we point … [Read more...]

Let a Buyers Agent help you to “Rentvest” in 2016

With 2016 now well and truly upon us, lots of people are re-assessing their investment strategies and property goals for 2016. With a rise in “Rentvesting”, or renting while you buy an investment property, could this smart investment strategy be for you? While it’s been a popular way for young and first home buyers to enter the property market, … [Read more...]

Avoid the Property Blues with 4 Simple Steps.

It’s not just first home buyers cutting their teeth on the property market that make mistakes when buying property. Even seasoned career-property investors fall into some pretty common traps. To avoid the property investment blues always: 1. Do Your Research You can never over research the subject of property purchasing. Knowing your target … [Read more...]

Property Boom or Property Gloom?

Invariably, most discussions about the property market result in the same two questions; 1. Are we in a boom market? and; 2. Should I purchase now, or wait for a market correction? With interest in the Melbourne property market bolstered by National TV programs like The Block, there is no shortage of speculation and forecasting on property … [Read more...]