Why you need a buyer’s advocate?

Beat Underquoting With a Buyer's Agent! Are you feeling despondent about purchasing a home or investment property? Are you tired of walking a well-beaten path to auctions that go well beyond their quoted price? Why you need a buyer's advocate? You’re not alone. A recent Consumer Affairs Victoria survey into real estate … [Read more...]

Your time is valuable – Use a Buyer’s Advocate

Your time is valuable. Let a leading Buyer's Agent in Melbourne look for your next property. Do you know what your time is really worth? If your time was worth $25 per hour, would you wait in line for 30 minutes to get a $10 gift card? Probably not. With research conducted by UBank revealing that the search for property is taking more than six … [Read more...]

What this Buyer’s Agent thinks of the Negative Gearing Debate

As a buyers agent, I live and breath the state of Australia’s property market. But the recent debate around negative gearing and its potential abolition has had me thinking - do Australian’s know that property accounts for Australia’s largest asset class? And do they know what this means? The facts might surprise you: Property - $5.5 … [Read more...]

Effective Property Management Can Positively Gear Your Investment

Every investor is looking for cash flow positive properties. But the reality is, these types of properties are increasingly few and far between. Generally, if you can find them, they’re out in the middle of nowhere, with little to no capital growth. In the most general terms, an investment property should become neutrally geared within the … [Read more...]

A Buyer Agent’s Guide to Paying the Right Price for Your Next Property

While a Buyers Agent can make it look easy, buying a property can be hard work. And depending on your target property, what often starts as the prospect of a bright new future, can quickly turn into a despondent grind to a seemingly distant finish line. It’s at this point that the ‘budget’ often gives way to emotions and in desperation, many end … [Read more...]